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All time klezmers

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Composer: Joachim Johow
Book incl.: CD

der Mirjambrunnen - After an old fairytale
Odoms Nechome - Adam's comfort
Tates Freilach - Freilach for father
Main Umet - My sorrow
A Ganef - A swindler
Nanis Vals - A Waltz for Nani
Stempenjus Fiedel - A famous Yiddish fiddler
dudaim - After an old fairytale
Naftules Freilach - Natule Brandwein -
a famous Jewish musician
di Mechaje - Joy
Harrys Freilach - Harry Timmermann -
a famous Klezmer-Clarinet player in Berlin
Scholem sol sajn - There has to be freedom
Lomir Tanzn - Let's dance
The Ragged Freilach - A Freilach and
a Ragtime together
Mordechaj - Hora for Mordechaj Gebirtig,
famous songwriter from Krakau
Zorres un Masel - Sorrows and luck
Nigun - A song without words
Shalom - Freedom-three-part round
€ 20.-

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