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Stagi English Haydn Duet

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Size: Diameter 20 cm / H 25 cm (closed)
Weight: 1.850 gram

1 reed / 46 buttons
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Mahogany Varnished

Leather Bellow with 10 Folds

Leather Bellow Straps

Adjustable Leather Hand Straps

Plastic Buttons 

Made in Italy


The Stagi-Hayden Duet Concertina is completely
chromatic, which means you can play sharps and
flats and play virtually any melody, like on a piano.

It is the easiest to learn how to play, not only because
scales are easier to play and the left side is basically
the same as the right, but also because the layout of
the buttons facilitates playing melodies, counter
melodies, harmonies, chords and chord

The Hayden fingering system is " isomporphic"
in design, meaning the same fingering
in all keys


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STAGI is the only Concertina and
Bandoneon Manufacturer in Europe!

All Instruments are totaly Handmade!

€ 860.-
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