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Case Seydel

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Only the Nylon Harmonica Case for holding
20 diatonic harmonicas and more
(excl. instruments)

Now you can stop searching for the right case!

Case made of two hard covers, outside clad
with tough synthetic weave.

Shoulder-strap included

On the inside covered with smooth cloth.
Robust zipper with two SEYDEL-Sun pulls.

Flexible Neoprene-like inside pockets holding
for up to 20 Blues-Harmonicas stored in three
racks - really protected and shockproof.

Each row has a flap equipped with velcro to
close the pockets.

Two additional velcro holders for two larger
harmonicas (e.g. Chromatic) or longish
microphones (e.g. SHURE 545 SD).

If you fill the upper two racks with 13 instruments
(7+6) there is enough space left for cable,
microphone and tools in the lower part
(also fits for bullet-like mics like the Green
Bullet or Astic).

12 instruments of all keys can be sorted
like an octave of a piano keyboard!

Two eyes are rivited onto the outside - ready
for the optional >shoulder strap with pad.

Small outer dimensons (30 x 19 x 9 cm,
11.8 x 7.5 x 3.5 in), rounded edges and
light-weight (550g, 17 oz).
€ 64.90

Are you an amateur, professional or a novice?
You can find everything in THE ACCORDIONARY!


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