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In-Between Anglo

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Composer: Mick Bramich
Size: 39 Pages - 144 gram

English language

Mick Bramich has taught Anglo concertina
method for many years, from beginners
to players who wish to stretch their skills
by trying their hand at the Irish style.

His third tutor book is for those who are no
longer struggling with the basics but want
some helpful tips on improving their

In-Between Anglo takes you into playing across
the rows to improve the flow of your music and
a range of scales and time signatures which
are demanding yet rewarding.

Every tune is accompanied by his proven
tablature to help those who don’t read music.
Because He Was A Bonny Lad
Breton Air
Castletown Connors
Charming Lovely Nancy
Cuckoo's Nest
Derwentwater's Farewell
Double Lead Through
Ductia - Danse Royale
Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller, The
Fine Companion, The
Flight, The
Flitch of Bacon, The
French Mazurka
Half Hannikin
Hunt the Squirrel
Ivy Leaf, The
Jacky Tar
John, Come Kiss Me Now
Kemp's Jig
Lads of Alnwick
Maiden's Blush, The
Morpeth Rant
Old Man Dillon
On The Road To Barnagh
Peacock Followed The Hen
Queen's Jig, The
Salmon Tails
Sellenger's Round
Sonny O Brogain's Mazurka
Speed the Plough
Swaggering Boney
Teelin Highlander
Tenpenny Bit
Trip to Dublin
Trip to the Cottage
Young Collins
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