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New Super 64

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Hohner Super 64 Typ 2018

Plasticcomb (black, ABS)

64 reeds

C major, tonal range: 4 Octaves (C3-D7),

Brass reed plates 1.2 mm


Reed plates in comb (recessed reed plates),
round tone


Sturdy zipper case made of nylon,
incl. screwdriver (at the same time serves
as a workbench for the maintenance of
the instrument)

Vario Spring system for easy adjustment of
the pusher pressure by means of attached




The original HOHNER Super 64 has
embodied the high end chromatic
harmonica since it first came
on the market.

With the new Super 64, HOHNER
upgrades this iconic instrument with
a breathtaking design and a whole
range of innovative features.

The VarioSpring System permits
individual adjustment of slide spring
tension, while the revolutionary
construction of the new SilentSlide
is exceptionally airtight and almost
completely silent in operation.

In addition, the optimized comb
chambers ensure fastest possible

The new Super 64 also sets new
standards in durability and ease of

The reed plates are mounted with
screws, without contact to the covers,
reducing reed wear and making basic
maintenance much simpler.

The covers are attached separately
and the nylon case provided also serves
as a mobile work bench.

Truly a giant step in the evolution of the
chromatic harmonica.

€ 385.-

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