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Composer: Petar Ralchev
Size: 23.2 x 30.5 cm

  • Peter Ralchev's book "Balkan
    Accordion" contains a diverse range
    of well-known instrumental pieces,
    songs and dances with a distinct
    Eastern European flavour and with
    catchy melodies and rich ornamentation.

    For each piece the author has written
    a short introduction on its background
    and characteristics.

    The pieces are intermediate level
    and the notation is clear and easy
    to read. 

    • 14 moderate-level characteristic
       Balcan pieces incl. ’Moravac’,
       ’Plovdivsko horo’, and ’Jovano

    • Notation and left-hand chord figuration
       using the international standard 

    • Notes on each piece by the Balcan 
       specialist Petar Ralchev
  • Trad. Romania, Moldova: Batuta
  • Trad. Turkey: Nihavend sirto
  • Trad. Romania, Moldova: Lautareska
  • Trad. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Jutros mi je ruja procvetala
  • Trad. Macedonia: Raikos
  • Trad. Macedonia, Bulgaria: Jovano Jovanke
  • Trad. Greece: Sirto pilitiko
  • Trad. Macedonia: Kasapsko oro
  • Trad. Serbia: Moravac
  • Ralchev Petar: Plovdivsko horo
  • Ralchev Petar: Daichovo horo
  • Ralchev Petar: Stamboliyska rachenica
  • Ralchev Petar: Krivo horo
  • Trad. Serbia: Uzicko kolo
€ 23.75

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