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Blues Sess. Steel / Summer Edition 2019

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The SESSION STEEL Summer Edition presented
with a bold look and superior technical reliability,
excellent playability and a fantastic sound.

The Summer Edition is available in the six most
important keys and only for a short time only.

. shiny coverplates
in an ergonomic shape,
  completely rounded at the mouthpiece

. mint-coloured ABS comb with recessed
  German Silver reedplates

. rivets and screws made of stainless steel

. lips and beard-friendly design

. minimal air consumption achieved by
  fine-cut reedplates, optimized flatness
  and extremely small . tolerances between
  reed and reedplate

. stainless steel reeds provide the best
  clear and full sound and response of the
  1847 models

. an up to 5 times longer playing life compared
  to models with brass reeds

. with convenient pouch made of brown
  genuine leather with white stitching

Ordering a Set, bag included!​​​​​​​



1st position - used when you would like
to play a melody or play along with a song
using the diatonic harmonica that is in the
same key as the key of the song.

2nd position - used to play styles blues,
rock, or country.
Note the gray column the song in D use a
G Harmonica

3rd position - also used to play blues and
rock styles.
If the key for the Song is Am then use a
G Harmonica

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