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Whatever musical idea you bear in mind, SEYDEL will build your dream instrument: Whatever you like, be it a "Circular", a "Harmonic Minor" or the "Pentatonic" tuning - with all of our models! Nearly everything is possible!

In addition to the tone sequence and the fine tuning, you can now also individually select the base frequency (between 432Hz and 448Hz), the type of comb (the whole colour range, materials, thicknesses), sound cover (all shapes, surfaces) and, in the case of chromatic ones, additionally the mouthpiece shape (trapezoidal/crescent-shaped)!

For more information or sent your wish(es) to:



Every Blues-Harp from SEYDEL now includes a free beginner's course.

Session standard - Solist Pro - Favorite - Session Steel - 1847 Classic - 
1847 Silver and 1847 Noble.


All buyers receive free access to the SEYDEL SOCIETY, Seydels new community for harmonica players. In it you will find, among other things, a free beginner's course, playbacks and other exclusive content. ​​​​


Are you an amateur, professional or a novice?
You can find everything in THE ACCORDIONARY!


Centrumvägen 26
52170 Åsarp



+46 (0)515 505 05


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Thursday: 13.00 - 16.00 hrs    
Friday: 13.00 - 16.00 hrs    
Saturday: 11.00 - 13.00 hrs    
An other time / day by appointment

You will find Åsarp at the Road 46 between Falköping and Ulricehamn,
in the Province: Västra Götaland.