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When you want to buy new shoulderstraps, it is advisable not to determine the length 
of the instrument, but the length of the person who is going to play the instrument.

For example a child, who will play a 96-120 bass accordion or a diatonic
accordion, needs shorter straps than an adults needs for the same instrument.

If you are unsure of the length, you can take The length of your old straps as a starting point.

Or you can take 2 pieces of rope with the length we show you on this page and fasten
the rope to your instrument

So you can try which length fits best.


Are you an amateur, professional or a novice?
You can find everything in THE ACCORDIONARY!


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52170 Åsarp



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You will find Åsarp at the Road 46 between Falköping and Ulricehamn,
in the Province: Västra Götaland.