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Traditional Mouthorgan

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Composer: Diversen
Size: 21 Pages - 114 gram
Book incl.: CD

Suitable for Tremolo Harmonica

Sully teaches Jigs, reels, Polkas, Songs, etc.

Irish - English - Scottish

1.. Paddy's Return/Frost is all over
2. Ward's Brae
3. Sally Gardens/Miss McLeod's
4. Old Mother Oxford
5. Rose in The Heather/Connachtman's
6. Merry Blacksmith
7. Kesh/Munster Buttermilk
8. John McFadyen
9. Boyne Hunt/Longford Collector
10. Ballydesmond/Scartaglen
11. Maid Behind The Bar
12. Madame Bonaparte

Also: G & C mouth organ diagrams

21 instruction exercises

Level: intermediate and onwards

Teaches a genuinely traditional style of Irish
and British mouth organ - totally different
from the "blues harp" method described
in other tutors

Describes correct techniques for playing
single notes and chords

Displays comprehensive note diagrams
for C & G mouth organs in music and tonic
sol-fa - corresponding to numbered holes

Uses a course of scale exercises to inculcate
automatic note finding skills

Reveals how special techniques such as triplets,
staccato chords and melody alteration make
that authentic traditional sound

Shows how to play the self accompanying
"vamping" style

Recommends correct instruments for sessions
and solo playing - and gives advice on keys
€ 21.95
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