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Bluesmaster MR-250

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It's The Best of Both Worlds

Combining the affordability of our popular
Folkmaster with our world famous Promaster,
the new Bluesmaster is an easy to play, easy
to own professional harmonica.

Stainless steel covers are durable and
ergonomically designed for easy handling.

Inside, Phosphor Bronze reeds and an ABS plastic
comb give superb sound projection and tonal clarity.

The rugged new Bluesmaster is virtually

Look good, sound good, feel good,
with the Bluesmaster by SUZUKI.

Even available as a Set of 6 Harmonicas



1st position - used when you would like
to play a melody or play along with a song
using the diatonic harmonica that is in the
same key as the key of the song.

2nd position - used to play styles blues,
rock, or country.
Note the gray column the song in D use a 
G Harmonica

3rd position - also used to play blues and
rock styles.
If the key for the Song is Am then use a 
G Harmonica
€ 45.-
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