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Olive C-20

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Modern Style Coverplates
The coverplates have a vivid green Olive hue,
achieved in a special high-tech process without
any coloring material for lasting durability and
clear tone.
Hybrid Wood-Resin Comb
In the past, all harmonicas had wood combs.

They gave a warm tone but wood absorbed
moisture from the players's breath and
deformed, reducing airtightness and
playing comfort.

To solve this problem, Suzuki has invented
the wood-resin composite body.

This material is composed of over 50% wood
fibers encased in impermeable resin, which
allows the player to enjoy the tone of a
traditional wooden harmonica without
its past problems.

First pioneered on the popular Manji diatonic,
this comb has been widely praised by players.
Made in Japan
The ease of playing a harmonica is strongly
influenced by its airtightness.

Suzuki 10 hole harmonicas are extremely
airtight due to highly accurate manufacturing
processes and assembly.

The Olive's tight seal between component
parts makes respond quickly to quick phrases,
and gives sensitive tone and bending control.

In addition, Suzuki's unique welded-reed
manufacturing process gives unprecedented
accuracy of reed attachment and the most
accurate reed/slot alignment of any

This allows the reeds to respond flexibly to
all advanced bending and overblowing
technique to achieve a dynamic, deep sound.

These high-tech achievements come from a
Suzuki tradition of continual improvement
of manufacturing processes and a never-ending
search for new ideas, backed up by the famously
high standards of Japanese craftsmanship, forging
a pleasing harmony between tradition and

The "Made in Japan" stamp on Suzuki
harmonicas guarantees the player a consistently
high quality of manufacture and service.



1st position - used when you would like
to play a melody or play along with a song
using the diatonic harmonica that is in the
same key as the key of the song.

2nd position - used to play styles blues,
rock, or country.
Note the gray column the song in D use a 
G Harmonica

3rd position - also used to play blues and
rock styles.
If the key for the Song is Am then use a 
G Harmonica
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