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Jazz Theory and Improvisation studies for Accordion

Composer: Frank Marocco / Ralph Stricker

Stricker's book, Jazz Theory and Improvisation
Studies for Accordion
, shows how to become a
competent jazz accordionist and actually create
beautiful and fascinating chord progressions to
accompany a melody.

He takes you through the basics, beginning with
scales, modes, chord structure, altered chords,
inversions, with an emphasis in the beginning
on developing left hand technique through

I consider the section on ear training especially
important, and here Ralph's humor becomes
apparent. He wrote, "The object of this exercise
is to be able to have the chromatic scale sounding
on the 12 water tumblers.

This will take time and patience and you may
eventually flood your kitchen, but it will be worth
the time.

I suggest you do this when no one else is around
as they may call for the men in white coats to take
you away."


Dispersed throughout the book are arrangements
of standard jazz tunes such as My Funny Valentine,
Just Friends, Emily, How About You, The Touch of
Your Lips, Gershwin's Summertime, Ellington's
Prelude to a Kiss,
 and others in accordion
arrangements by the author, Frank Marocco and
Eddie Monteiro.

Of particular interest to me was an analysis of
Chopin Nocturne revealing the altered chords.

Written by Henry Doktorski

Blue bossa
My funny valentine
Now is the time
Blues in F
My country tis of thee
How about you
All the things you are
Embraceable you
Just friends
Ballad for Anne
Touch of your lips
Yours is my hear alone
Prelude to a kiss
Never let me go
Love is for the very young
Home again
Easy to love
Remembering Michael

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