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- playing chromatically re-thought


Is there a chromatic harmonica ...

... with direct tone response like a
Blues Harmonica?

... that works WITHOUT slider and
WITHOUT valves?

... on which techniques like bending
or overblow are playable?


The answer is YES. We name it the

This instrument is a design study in a limited
edition, that opens up many new possibilities
for the players to play chromatically, no matter
if they have played chromatic harmonica
before or if they played diatonic blues harmonica!

The NONSLIDER Chromatic is a very reliable
instrument that is virtually maintenance free.
48 tuning stable stainless steel reeds guarantee
a great sound and a long playing pleasure.

Furthermore, stuck valves or a jammed slider
are things of the past.


How does the NONSLIDER Chromatic principle

With the help of the newly developed double-row
mouthpiece, the semitones are reached simply
by tilting the instrument
. A slight angling down or
up is sufficient to reach all chromatic notes by
directly playing the corresponding holes on the
Respective row.

The notes on the lower row of holes are the
same like in the "slide-pressed position" on
standard chromatic harmonicas.

The instrument is tilted down or up, or the
player changes the position of his lips
(pointed-mouth technique/lip-pursing)
to reach the right notes.


After a a little bit of practicing-time, playing
comes quite intuitively and automatically, even
for players who have been using a slider
for years.


What is the tone structure of the NONSLIDER

The NONSLIDER Chromatic is built in the
common solo tuning and is equipped with
SEYDEL's durable stainless steel reeds.

In addition, since the tone slider is no longer
needed, the instrument is extremely airtight and
allows very dynamic playing.


What new playing options does the NONSLIDER
Chromatic offer?

The NONSLIDER Chromatic opens up great new
playing options, which you have been looking for
unsuccessfull so far with chromatic harmonicas
so far!

The valves typical for chromatic harmonicas have
been removed completely. This makes techniques
playable that are otherwise only known from the
Blues Harmonica.


Bending tones and overblows work just as
well as on the Blues Harmonica

These alternatively playable tones considerably
expand the tonal color of the instrument and
thus the possibilities of the player's musical
expression Many of the tones can be
produced in different ways.


Technical data:

  • innovative CNC milled double row
    halfmoon-shaped mouthpiece

    with 2 x 12 round holes (replaces
    the slider pack)
  • maintenance free and air tight: low air
    consumption and very dynamic playing
  • full, loud sound and fast direct tone response
  • stainless steel reeds (48 pcs.): durability
    and tuning stability
    even under heavy use
  • solo tuning in C: the 12x2 channels
    correspond to three full octaves of standard
    chromatic instruments
  • equal temperament, concert pitch a' = 443 Hz
    (pitch drops slightly if played with a
    certain pressure)
  • very airtight construction (without slider)
  • no valves: absolutely insensitive to moisture
  • tolerance-optimized reed plates made of
    German silver yield excellent flatness
  • corrosion-free stainless steel cover plates
  • robust, high-precision CNC milled comb
    made of acrylic glass with optimized cells
    for ideal tone response; semi-transparent
  • together with a suited harmonica holder the
    NONSLIDER Chromatic can be played
    handsfree (please refer to the tips section


Please note: all parts of the NONSLIDER Chromatic
are made from anti-corrosive materials.

Made in Germany


€ 199.95
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